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Mike Lubelfeld & Nick Polyak, Superintendents, authors and leaders of #Suptchat on Twitter.
Clarity and focus are everything. Creasman, Bacon and Franklin stress the importance of strategic school transformation by beginning with a clear vision for change and the mantra to keep change about students. Can Every School Succeed is a must have book for aspiring and current transformative school leaders who are eager to begin the journey to create student-centered schools.

J. Renee Gordon, Human Capital Strategist for K-12 Schools, E Squared
Creasman, Bacon and Franklin provide strategies that any school can attempt, but provide examples and illustrations that are practical to show how to make transformation actually happen. They provide a framework for identifying gaps in school improvement that allows a leader or teacher to walk into any school, identify the areas in need for improvement and find a plethora of strategies related to those areas.


100 No-Nonsense Things that ALL Teachers Should STOP Doing is out now an Amazon! Click here to buy it now: 100 Stop Series

This book is THE largest collaborative educational publishing project EVER to take place on the planet. While the bold and striking title might appear to be “anti-teacher,” it is exactly the opposite! We celebrate the teaching profession by highlighting 100 areas of deep, honest and no-nonsense improvement that can take place at any school, anywhere, anytime. Over 100 authors uncover obstacles that teachers face at some point in their career, but may not have felt equipped or had the courage to address thoughtfully and strategically. This is our chance to highlight the magnificence of teaching and showcase the beauty and purpose of learning. Schools and school districts spend enormous amounts of time training teachers, creating personnel policies and handbooks for teachers that, inadvertently, sugarcoat and dance around difficult topics that we are burning to address, but never do, . . . until NOW! Imagine launching every school year with discussions surrounding core beliefs about teaching and HOW to handle all sorts of school related nonsense. High achieving and culturally healthy schools are equipped to facilitate courageous conversations that are laser focused on student achievement, transformative practices and positive interactions. The aim of all 100 chapters is to unite and empower every teacher on their journey to become a dynamic, synergistic, five-star educator . . . because our students are counting on US!

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