Can Every School Succeed?

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Mike Lubelfeld & Nick Polyak, Superintendents, authors and leaders of #Suptchat on Twitter.
Clarity and focus are everything. Creasman, Bacon and Franklin stress the importance of strategic school transformation by beginning with a clear vision for change and the mantra to keep change about students. Can Every School Succeed is a must have book for aspiring and current transformative school leaders who are eager to begin the journey to create student-centered schools.

J. Renee Gordon, Human Capital Strategist for K-12 Schools, E Squared
Creasman, Bacon and Franklin provide strategies that any school can attempt, but provide examples and illustrations that are practical to show how to make transformation actually happen. They provide a framework for identifying gaps in school improvement that allows a leader or teacher to walk into any school, identify the areas in need for improvement and find a plethora of strategies related to those areas.

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