The Modern Classroom

I’ve said many times that educators need to stop referring to classrooms with rich technology use, project-based learning, collaborative groupings and an inquiry-based pedagogy as 21st Century Classrooms. We live in the 21st century. All classrooms should contain the previous elements. After all, it is 2020. We are in the 21st century, right? Continue reading “The Modern Classroom”

5 Tips on Making Assessments Useful in Your Classroom

Assessment doesn’t have to be a “four letter word” in education. Assessments can be quite useful, informative, and purposeful when utilized properly. Unfortunately, assessments are often used to put a grade on a report card or as a district compliance measure that once given, the results are never analyzed.Continue reading “5 Tips on Making Assessments Useful in Your Classroom”

5 Ways for Principals To Be More Visible

The job of a school principal has evolved over the last several decades. It has gone from manager, to instructional leader, to transformative leader, to everything including the kitchen sink. With everything principals have to do throughout the day, one of the most essential elements of the role is visibility. Continue reading “5 Ways for Principals To Be More Visible”